Welcome to Local Government

Suggested ways Local Government Officials might get involved with MY LOGO (Missouri Youth Engaged in Local Government).

Contact the MY LOGO Program Coordinator at the University of MO-St. Louis (UMSL) and set up a meeting.  The Program Coordinator will work with you to brainstorm ways you can help promote local government education in your school community; likewise, MY LOGO will also suggest ideas on how to help young students get actively involved in their communities.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Work with teachers/schools in your area to organize/carry out a Local Government Awareness Day, Week, or Month  
    • Set a date or series of days to promote "Local Government Awareness"  
    • Volunteer to speak to a class or school assembly on what you do and why your job is important to your city/community.  
    • Invite classes to take a tour of your local government building; introduce students to other members of your local government team.  
    • Sponsor/Participate a “Local Government Awareness Quiz Bowl.”  Match up local government officials against a team of students to see who knows the most about local government in Missouri. (MY LOGO will provide Quiz Bowl Questions).  
    • Team up with a Teacher in your area and go on local TV or Cable station to talk about the importance of local government to your community.  
    • Host a “Local Government Awareness Blog” on your web site.  Encourage students and teachers to participate.
    • Serve as a member of a “Local Government Awareness Team.” Work with schools, teachers, & students to promote the importance of local government education in the classroom and the community.
    • Participate in a Local Government workshop for teachers.
    • Help schools/teachers organize site visits, develop local government project ideas, and help coordinate local government project fairs.
    • Assist schools/teachers in the planning of site visits to local government buildings in your area and cosponsor local government regional projects fairs.
    • Promote and publicize the MY LOGO program among other teachers and schools, local government officials, and community organizations.