Starting a MY LOGO Program

What is MY LOGO?

MY LOGO is a unique approach to teaching Missouri youth about local government. It was developed by CECH (the Citizenship Education Clearing House at UMSL) in the late 1990’s in cooperation with the St. Louis City-County Management Association (SLACMA) and Urban Extension at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  The program includes use of its Local Government Curriculum Handbook for classroom learning—a curriculum tool jointly written by SLACMA and CECH.

Students in MY LOGO have an opportunity to learn local government concepts, identify and research local government issues in their communities, meet and talk to city government officials, and develop plans to resolve or "fix" local community problems. The goal is for students to understand the important role local government plays in community development and learn how to become engaged citizens now and in the future.

Since it began, MY LOGO has adapted to changes in curriculum and scope and sequence to meet the needs of today’s educators and schools.  Teachers/schools wanting to teach about local government can work with MY LOGO to create a program that best fits their curriculum.  Some options include:

  1. MY LOGO Local Government Projects Fair—teachers and students would utilize the MY LOGO Handbook in teaching students about local government.  After spending time learning about local government in the classroom, students would then identify a problem in their community and create an action plan to solve that problem.  Students would then participate in a 1/2 day Local Government Projects Fair to present their findings.  The culminating activity would be a Mock City Council Meeting.
  2. Meet Local Government Forum---this option is an introductory approach to local government education.  Students attend a ½ day forum whereby they meet local government officials, debate current local government issues, and engage in a Mock City Council Meeting.
  3. Team Teach for Local Government—in this approach, a local government official would be teamed up with a class to teach one or two of the lessons included in the MY LOGO Handbook. Some of the most popular lessons taught have been in local government financing and community development.
  4. A Local Government Awareness Event---this might be a one-day or month long activity to learn about local government and demonstrate how important local government is to one’s community.

How To Get Involved in MY LOGO

  1. Contact the MY LOGO Program Coordinator at UMSL and discuss which program option might be best for you.
  2. Utilize the MY LOGO Local Government Curriculum Handbook and Web Site as a major resource in teaching about local government.